Ata Pera Oral and Dental Health Center/ABOUT US

Who Are We?

Ata Pera has been serving in Taksim, the centre of Istanbul since 2001, has become a leading brand in the industry by providing uninterrupted service with international quality standards and unconditional customer satisfaction.

Ata Pera, which maintains its boutique and high quality service understanding with its long years of experience, has succeeded in making its name known in the dental health sector with its achievements both in home and abroad.

For years, Ata Pera has been offering healthy and happy smiles to patients in European countries.

It provides dental treatment of its guests coming from many European countries including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, England and Switzerland, with its experienced and specialist dentists.

Ata Pera raises standards in dental treatment with its 5 branches with 4.500 square meters of working area in home and abroad, modern digital medical devices, distinguished physician staff and expert staff.


To carry out successful treatments for our patients, our most valuable value, with our professional Ata Diş Pera team in accordance with universal health rules and to make all our patients pleased. Besides, our mission is to represent our country successfully with our Ata Diş brand abroad and to provide a quality service as a clinic for our patients in Turkey.


It is to strengthen our mutual trust bond with our patients gained with our 20 years of experience, to increase our customer satisfaction and service quality with our ATA DİŞ PERA clinic and to make it a permanent and strong brand with the motto of sustainability.