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It is a treatment method used in cases where the internal nerve (pulp) of the tooth is damaged or died due to caries or trauma. It is the process of removing the nerves within the tooth, shaping the channels in the tooth roots and removing them from microorganisms and then filling the expanded channels. Afterwards, restorations such as filling, porcelain crowns inlays are made to the upper part of the tooth according to the loss of matter and aesthetic and functional continuity of the tooth is provided.

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Implant is a high-tech artificial tooth root, made of tissue-friendly titanium and similar precious materials placed in the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Today, it is the first of the undisputed systems that provide the best alternative solution to natural teeth. Implant systems, which can imitate the most ideal functions, aesthetically and anatomically, have become frequently used.

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